A Covid-19 Response Company....



Established in response to the covid 19 pandemic to address the shortage supply of ventilators which is critical to supporting patients with respiratory distress.



We have developed a non electric, non invasive ventilator that operates on the principles of bubble CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). 



Developed by a Medical Doctor and 4 PhD Researchers in the UK for use by Medical personnels in Medical facilities in emerging economies with low resource set ups.

Functionality Test


Shivent has passed 2 functionality test and these were carried out on-


1- 23rd May 2020 at the National Center for Sports and Exercise Medicince, Loughborough University, United Kingdom


2- 10th June 2020 at the Royal Infirmary Hospital, Leicester United Kingdom


We are planning a pilot project in Lagos Nigeria for October 2020. 

Digital Platform


Digitalization of a non electric product is pushing the boundaries of possibilities. Our digital platform offers onboarding, installation and usage training and manuals for Doctors, Nurses and medical practitioners on how to use the ShiVent and manage patient records. Furthermore, it enables medical practitioners share experiences while adhering to GDPR standards. 



gallery/Yusuf Shittu

Dr Yusuf Shittu

-Co-Founder / Director

-Medical Doctor

-Global Health Innovator

-UNLEASH Talent 2019


Ricardo O’ Nascimento

-Co-Founder / Director

-PhD Researcher,

-Loughborough University 

-Materials & Fashion Tech Expert

gallery/Yusuf Bilesanmi

Yusuf Bilesanmi

-Founder / CEO

-PhD Researcher,

Loughborough University

-Power & Infrastructure

-UNLEASH Talent 2019

gallery/WhatsApp Image 2020-04-01 at 15.09.01

Guarav Nanajkar

-Co-Founder / Director

-PhD Researcher,

Loughborough University

- CFD Expert 


Pawel Nycz


-PhD Researcher,

Loughborough University

-HVAC Expert